Customize Logo-Black Golden Sandalwood Comb Smooth Comb For Hair/Beard 5"(12.8cm)

Laocross Beauty

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!!!!Engrave logo need at least 20pcs,can't engrave for 1pcs,thanks for your understanding!!!!


Customize your logo on the comb,need at least 200pcs and logo fee,detail please contact me!

English Name: Sucupira

Origin: North South America Anadenanthera spp., curupy Bao Di beans, bean is a legume, Allah. Common commodity material are mainly fruit ala beans A.macrocarpa. Trees and large arbors are about 24m tall. The main stem is straight, with a height of about 4 to 7m below the branches and a diameter of 60 to 90cm. It is mainly produced in the subtropical dry forests of Argentina and Brazil and Paraguay in South America. Wood is a loose material. The heartwood is light brown, by atmospheric oxidation after dark reddish brown, sapwood yellowish or pale pink. The wood is lustrous, without special smell and taste. Often accompanied by irregular black stripes, texture is usually irregular or staggered, strong sense of hierarchy, easy to match with dark style, structure is fine, even or even. Heavy, hard wood; high strength; good antiflex, heartwood very resistant, stability is also very good, very hard, because wood tool edge is blunt, suitable for alloy steel saw blade; wood texture and irregular or staggered, cutting angle with 15 ~ 20 degrees is appropriate; rotary cutting is good Wood very hard and durable, suitable for the production of flooring and furniture, joinery products, window frame of high strength tool accessories, truck chassis; seawater and fresh water pile, plate, bridge, wharf, sluice, ship; heavy sleepers, building structure material and decorative products such as turning, sleeper up to 17 years does not rot in Holland.